Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

state govt recruitment 2016

state govt recruitment 2016

gas, there would have likely been an explosion. the driver was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. steve: a proposal by governor lepage good the -- could mean an end to 2300 state jobs. wmtw news eights

morgan sturdivant is live in south paris. rgan: later on this evening that townhall will happen here. lepage has been looking to cut each jobs for some time now. this has been an ongoing process.

this is a proposal for the upcoming process to be voted on by the legislator. mike thibodeau told us he is god the governor is looking at saving money. democratic representative says ,

it is reckless to cut just for the sake of cutting because it jeopardizes people's health, safety and well-being. the president of the association says they would like to be more involved. >> we have attempted with this administration to participate in

a productive conversation. we have not been able to bridge that gap. he has not asked us for our input. >> it is slow at first and we have to get input from the agencies that are utilizing the positions.

morgan: the governor hopes to keep 9500 jobs that are currently in place. that townhall here at oxford