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teaching jobs in kenya 2016

teaching jobs in kenya 2016

please welcome mark cuban. (applause)good to see you. >> good to be back. >> stephen: you have alreadyexpressed some of your opinions about donald trump here tonight. but i want to point somethingout to you, my friend. in july of 2015 you said quote,trump is probably the best thing to happen to politics in a longtime. i don't care what his actualpositions are, but last night on

twitter you officially joinedthe never trump club. what changed for you? why was it the best thing tohappen to politics and now he's the never trump. >> at the beginning he was abusiness person and i wanted to see a change from thetraditional politician. but then he went and opened hismouth. you know. i mean he had a really goodchance to be different and

really have a chance to changethings am but he doesn't do the work. he's lazy. >> stephen: now you're abillionaire. you're a billionaire, he's abillionaire. in the billionaire world, what'sthe take on donald trump? like when you guys all gettogether to be billionaires together, like how do you guystreat him? >> well, in the meeting we votedhim out.

>> stephen: he doesn't get tocome to the meetings any more? >> no meetings. we literally changed the secrethandshake. >> stephen: can you teach itto me a little later? (laughter)i don't like-- sounds like we're not shaking hands. (laughter)where do the billionaires meet, by the way? is it like at the private jet,like, hangar, is that where you

guys hang? >> whoever has the biggest jetat the time or gets a new jet, we will just fly around. >> stephen: and show it topeople. >> you got to whip it out andshow your jet. >> stephen: he's abillionaire. you know, people say and notreally a billionaire. what do you think? do you think he's really abillionaire or not a

billionaire? >> who knows how much debt hehas. but i will give himmed credit. he's a billionaire, fine. more power to him, you know. >> stephen: he's abillionaire, fine. >> who cares, right? who cares. >> stephen: that seems like alot of money to you, you are a

billionaire. >> more power to you. >> stephen: you are abillionaire. you have got opinions. why don't you run for president? >> what do you think? (cheers and applause). >> stephen: have you everthought about it. >> yeah, absolutely.

have i thought about it. >> stephen: any other officelike senator. >> no, no,. >> stephen: straight to thetop. >> straight to the top. but i just don't want to put myfamily through it my sixier old, i talk about it with my family,my six year old jake loves the idea but it's a lot of scrutinyand my kids are young. i want to spend time with them.

typically i just dislikepolitics. but this year it's such a messand with trump getting so involved, i was asked. i was asked by a couple ofsenators to start a third party run. but if i had done that, then theway the electoral college works, if i would have won any states,it would have gone to the republican congress and thenthey would have voted for trump. so it would have been a mistake.

>> stephen: okay. so you went to the university ofindiana. >> yup. >> stephen: do you still havefriends back in indiana. >> absolutely. >> stephen: what do they sayabout pence? any good things to say abouthim? >> about pence? (laughter).

>> stephen: a reasonablequestion? it's a reasonable question. >> the next time i'm drinking inbloomington, indiana, i will ask them about mike pence. but the next time will be thefirst time. >> stephen: all right, so nowon shark tank you guys grill pretty hard the people who areproposing their ideas. >> yeah, we do. >> stephen: you do a lot ofresearch and everything.

if someone was coming to you andyou are deciding who gets to run for president, what questionswould you ask candidates. like how would you vet them? >> one, i would want to talk topeople he's done business with. so if you notice with trump, inthe whole convention thing, none of his business partners arecoming forward. they're not coming forward tospeak. they're not coming forward inthe media to say good things about him.

they're not coming forward togive him money. so that is one red check mark. so i would find out about that. i would talk to different peoplehe's done-- he's done projects for, right? to find out what was theirexperience. >> stephen: have you ever donebusiness with him? >> one time. i had give and take with him.

but we did an mma project about2009, i think, just a little deal. but nothing of any consequence. >> stephen: would you dobusiness with him again, billionaire to billionaire. >> yeah, i mean, as long as hedoes what i tell him to do, i'm fine with it. >> stephen: mark, thank you somuch for being here. mark cuban, everybody.