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upcoming vacancy in 2016

upcoming vacancy in 2016

>> james: welcome back, ladiesand gentlemen, boys and girls, this evening's roll call will bea celebration of the film career of the one, the only mr. tomcruise. (cheers and applause)how are you doing, tom? >> i'm good. >> james: are you ready? >> no, no. >> james: you're not ready todo there. >> no, i'm not ready, but i'lldo it, let's go.

>> james: well, then, let'sbegin. >> let's go. (applause)>> i feel the need. >> james: the need. >> the need for speed. >> james: all right, you'restill under a caution, go back on the track and hit the pacecar. >> hit the pace car. >> james: hit the pace car.

>> what for. >> james: because you hitevery other damn thing out there. i want you to be perfect. 10 minutes to wopner. >> james: don't want to misswopner. >> raymond, raymond, you arereal estate going to make it. >> james: 10 minutes towopner. >> raymond.

(laughter)cheesier cheesier. >> see, that's how you can roll,no more flies for my boy. playa playa playa playa. >> rachel, rachel! >> okay. we have a white male, late 30s,a suspected-- i believe he's got a fake british accent, the fiseke of a snowman and like zero muscles. >> james: not zero muses el,it's not zero muscles.

i see what you are doing. >> this is my career, carry on. >> james: do the next film. ♪ mission impossible themesong). ♪♪ (cheers and applause). ♪>> james: it's impossible. impossible. ♪>> james: okay, i want to make

sure you are ready. >> let's do this. >> james: show me the money. >> show you the money. >> james: no, no, no, not showyou the money, show me the money! >> show me-- . >> james: no, show. >> show.

>> james: me, me. >> me. >> james: money! >> money! (cheers and applause)>> what are you doing? >> just doing the scene from. >> if you are going to do t letme do it right. (cheers and applause)>> show me the money. >> show me the money.

>> show! >> me! >> the! show me the money! >> congratulations, you're stillmy agent. >> james: u.s.a.! u.s.a.! ♪ here i go again on my own. ♪ going down the only road i'veever known.

♪ like a i was born to walkalone. ♪ and i made up my mind. ♪ and you wasted no more time. ♪ here i go again. ♪. >> you can pretend it's wine. >> may i have the passwordfidelio. >> are you absolutely right,brilliant. fantastic.

>> colonel jessep, did you--(laughter) (cheers and applause)colonel jessep, did order the code red? >> you want answers. >> i think i'm entitled. >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth. >> did you order the code red? >> you [bleep] i did.

♪ shake it to the left, shaiblgit to the right. ♪ you do the with all of yourmight. ♪ yeah. ♪ whooo. ♪ hippy hippy shake. >> do you believe a man canchange his destiny. >> i believe i man does what hecan. and his destiny is revealed. >> livin' the dream, baby,livin' the dream.

>> now remember, you wantedthis. >> you're going to be okay. >> james: you know what, tom,this was so great, i really think you should make a sequel. >> it's funny you should mentionthat, james. because we did do a sequel andit's called jack reacher never go back and it opens in theaterseverywhere this friday, october 21s. (cheers and applause)>> i'm not a soldier.

okay. look. i'm not a soldier. i-- . >> come on, really, i'm not ashoulder-- solder, please, don't-- stop. should stick those old recordsoff the shelf. ♪ i can't listen them by myself. ♪ today's music ain't got thesame soul.

♪ i like that old time rock 'n'roll. ♪ look that old time rock 'n'roll. ♪ the kind of music just soothsthe soul. ♪ i reminisce about the days ofold. ♪ and that old time rock 'n'roll. >> james: ladies andgentlemen, mr. tom cruise! jack reacher, this friday, intheaters and imax. go see it. and come on back.

everybody. (cheers and applause)tom cruise! ♪ rock 'n' roll. ♪ the kind of music sooths thesoul. ♪