Selasa, 04 April 2017

vacancies 2016 government

vacancies 2016 government

{music} the fbi is at the center ofamerican life in a lot of different ways. it's independent, it's honestand it's competent, and its mission is toprotect this country. that gives it a very specialplace in the life of the united states. it is about coming together withother people to do something bigger than yourself and to makethe country and the world a safer place, and a more justplace, and i don't think any

paycheck, or any benefits, orany stock options could ever beat that bigger mission. i've gone places that i neverwould have gone, i've seen things that i never would have seen, i've been involved ina lot of major investigations, so, it really has been one of the best things that i've done in my life. work in the fbi is there is no routine. every day something new comes up. it's always exciting.

it doesn't matter what you looklike, it doesn't matter your accent, it doesn't matterwho you love, it doesn't matter what god you believe in, itdoesn't matter, i mean, this is a place where you can come to work and feel really good about yourself and really feel that you're making a difference. the people who decide to workfor the fbi are people with a different orientationthan most folks. they care about serving others.

that's what they treasure in life. it's not about money, it's about helping the people who need them. so one of the big misconceptionsis that there is only one type of job, an agent job in the fbi. when in truth, there's a wholerange of different jobs, and there's space for a lot ofdifferent personalities in those jobs. you're out investigating matters. you're stopping bad things from happening and you're locking up the bad guys.

but it's the dedication to amission beyond yourself, that takes you that distance thattakes you over the hurdles, that gives you something to alwayswake up to and say, it's not just the office, it's not theperson i'm partnered with, it's not just the paperwork, it'sjust not this or that - it's the fact that you're serving thiscountry in a way that, overall, very very few people do. i think the best thing aboutworking for the fbi is walking through the hoover building,through the doors every day and

knowing that everybody doesn'tget to do that and we have a really important mission. it just reinforces the factthat, millions of people count on us to keep them safe everyday, and most of them will neverknow what we've done. one of my proudest momentswas honestly taking the oath, and becomingan fbi employee. i was in a room with, you know,other people and we were all really amazed at theimpact that oath meant.

we want people whowant to do good. that should be people from allwalks of life, old and young, black, white, latino,asian, it doesn't matter. if you care about doingsomething good for your country, this is a place youought to think about. you will be so proudto talk about your job. and how cool the job is, and howimportant the job is, and how much difference you can make.