Jumat, 07 April 2017

vacancy announcement

vacancy announcement

the thai government has given its approvalto crown prince maha vajiralongkorn to become the country's new king. the decision comes slightly a month afterthe death of king bhumibol adulyadej on october 13th. our kim jung-soo has the details. thailand's national legislative assembly hasdecided to formally invite 64-year-old crown prince maha vajiralongkon to succeed kingbhumibol adulyadej and become the 10th king of thailand’s two-century-old chakrin dynasty,according to assembly president pornpeth wichitcholchai. wichitcholchai said in a televised addresson tuesday... that the decision had been made

at a special parliamentary session earlierin the day, after the cabinet had made a formal request to parliament to begin the processof installing a new king. the crown prince will now have to formallyaccept the invitation in order to assume the throne. according to reuters, the defense ministersaid that could happen within the next one to two days, after the prince returns to bangkokfrom his current residence in germany. king bhumibol himself designated the crownprince as his successor in 1972. it is worth noting, however, that in accordancewith thai law, the crown prince can be formally crowned only after his father’s royal cremation,which will take place next year.

under thai law, if there is a pre-designatedsuccessor after the death of a king, the cabinet informs parliament of the designation, andthe parliament then extends the invitation to the candidate to finalize the successionprocess. this time, however, the process took an unexpecteddetour, because the heir-apparent asked for "time to prepare" and grieve with the publicupon the news of the king's passing, leaving 96-year-old prem tinsulanonda, the formerpresident of king bhumibol's privy council, to carry out the royal obligations in theinterim. pundits had expressed concern that the vacancycould result in a power struggle, but with the announcement on tuesday, the prospectsfor that seem slim.

kim jung-soo, arirang news.