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vacancy in government 2016

vacancy in government 2016

welcome to top10archive! think your job isbad? think you’re going to lose your cool if you have to listen to a coworker’s repetitiousretelling of their “super fun weekend” with the family for the 4th time this week?we may have found the cure for your employment blues – a list of ten incredibly terriblejobs that will make you feel truly appreciative of the job you spend countless hours gripingabout. 10. pet food tasterfoodies take note! instead of taking your skills to the internet and starting a dead-endblog, why not take your sophisticated palate to an industry that needs it – pet foodtasting! you know you’ve eyed your dog’s treats on those rough nights where nothingis defrosted, so before you take the dive

the next time things get rough, why not getpaid to chow down on some pet food? probably because the concept sounds vile, and the startingsalary of about $31,000 doesn’t sound quite worth it. between texture and taste, we can’timagine there are many positive points to diving into a can of dog chow.9. tower technician you’re 2,000 feet or roughly 610 metersabove the ground, your life in the hands of a harness and your own balance. for an averageof $21.27 per hour, your job is to manually climb the full length of the tower needingservice, perform whatever lengthy maintenance is needed, then make the nerve-wracking andslow decent back down. according to the occupational safety and health administration in the unitedstates, working as a tower technician puts

you in one of the most hazardous positions,one that is far more dangerous than the construction industry. in 2014 alone, over 4,500 employeeswere killed on the job. 8. seed analystwhat job is more fun than spending your days watching grass grow? as it turns out, justabout everything… but then again, work isn’t always supposed to be fun. as a seed analyst,a great day starts with a new blade of grass to get excited over, but a typical workdayinvolves counting out hundreds of individual seeds, planting each seed individually, andmeasuring grass as it grows to ensure it is growing at the proper rate and to the rightlength. for a median annual salary of about $30,000, you, too, can watch grass grow!7. roadkill removers

of course, you feel terrible for hitting thatdeer, leaving its twitching body on the side of the road; but you should probably feelworse for the individual who now has the task of cleaning that mess up. roadkill removershave one task: respond to calls about roadkill and remove the carcass before it poses a dangerto other drivers or simply starts decomposing and melting into the pavement. when distresscalls aren’t filtering in, it’s likely that they’ll drive around looking for somethingto remove from the road. this skill-less job can bring in a decent wage of about $15 perhour… but so do much cleaner jobs. jobs that don’t require one to be covered indecomposing animal parts at the end of the day.6. deodorant scent tester

if you’re thinking you will get to justsit around and sample a series of different deodorant scents, you’re in for a nastysurprise. you see, to properly sell a product, a company must know if it works, and in theworld of deodorant, there’s only one surefire way to determine functionality. these scenttesters work for deodorant producers, sticking their noses in the armpits of dozens of differentpeople. if the product actually works, the job isn’t that bad. now if it doesn’twork… well, then you’re nose deep in a rather unpleasant experience; and you can’teven be mad. you signed up for it! 5. debt collectionyou may be one of the nicest people on the planet, but the moment you sit down in yourcubicle and start making phone calls to collect

on an unpaid debt, you’re suddenly a beingso vile and foul that you must have been birthed from the devil’s loins. being a debt collector,whether for a credit card company, government organization, or third party company, is toughin so many ways, and for a median $13.00/hour, it’s not easy to justify being screamedand cursed at on a daily basis. outside of possibly paving the way to becoming an accountsreceivable manager 10 years down the line, there are few silver linings to debt collection…save for the occasional employee appreciation barbecue.4. vomit cleaning crew amusement parks are scenes of fun, excitement,and thrills – but what happens when those thrills get to be a bit too much and somebodywho thinks they’re enjoying themselves loses

their lunch all over the ride? the park couldcall upon a regular janitor or they can bring in somebody who is passionate about vomitremoval… if such a person exists. one park that hired on a vomit collector was thorpepark in england which, in one year alone, saw 619 “sick shutdowns” on its rides.3. adult theater janitor think you could deal with the dregs of societystumbling into your establishment late at night, looking for a cheap thrill? want topossibly spend your evening cleaning up seminal fluid from already sticky floors? maybe yousee some professional help, because we have to assume everybody else views this employmentopportunity as a grotesque, miserable experience. if you thought vomit collection was jarringlydisgusting, imagine all of the fun prizes

you’d find in a theater that specializesin playing adult movies all night. 2. sewage diverfor those that couldn’t follow their passion of deep sea diving, there’s a great alternative.sure, it may require you to be tolerant of the look and smell of human waste, but it’sclose enough… right? sewage diving, though it sounds like an extreme sport, is actuallythe career of some unfortunate souls; and yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. sewage diversare dispatched to fix a range of mechanic issues, such as failed motors within a lakeof raw sewage and waste. the thick, viscous liquid offers no visibility, often makingit imperative for a worker to perform essentially blind. the smell isn’t even the worst part,as workers can be submerged in waste for hours

on end until the job is 100% complete.1. flatus odor judge love being stuck in an elevator with someonewho just chowed down on some taco bell? then this disgusting, and thankfully temporaryjob is perfect for you! a minneapolis gastroenterologist took odor studies to new heights when he hiredtwo individuals to inhale around 100 samples of… well… human emissions. the two researcherswere faced with rows of foul-smelling containers, which they opened, took a whiff of, died alittle inside, and rated just how noxious the smell was. according to the man behindthe madness, michael levitt, the study was important, stating that smell could be a “potentiallycritical medical symptom.” it’s possible, though, that simply signing up to be a flatusodor judge is a critical medical symptom

on its own.