Rabu, 12 April 2017

www latest job com

www latest job com

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ - (fbe) today you're gonnabe playing a video game. - (gasps) yay. - is it like a full-bodysome type of action thing? - (fbe) you'll be playingwith an htc vive, a virtual reality gaming headset.- oh. wow. this looks expensive, and i'mscared that i'm gonna break it. - vr puts you literallyin a different reality. people use drugs to do this kind of thing.

now we have a safe and legal thing to do without having to die. - (fbe) you're gonna be playinga game called job simulator. in this game, you'll begoing through the daily tasks of a convenience store clerk.- okay. i can do that. - nobody really likes work. but if it's in a video game, i don't mind. - all right. whoa! this looks so legit.

- whoa! okay. it's like i'm in a video game right now, and i feel like all mychildhood dreams right now are coming true. - (boss) hello, human.welcome to an accurate simulation of... convenience store clerk.- ooh. - (boss) take a look atthis board for instructions. and grab a ticket whenyou're ready to get started. - okay. so i take a ticket.

- "take a ticket when ready." oh, and you actually haveto move into it. oh, i'm loving it! - ticket. - (boss) let's open up this shop. you can start by cleaningoff your counter. - okay. so i just take everything off? - ugh. what do i do with this? - i need a trashcan.

oh, it's over there. but it's really far. (grunts) woo! - (boss) you also wantto turn on the security camera so you can keep an eye on the store.- mm-hmm. - i'm a g. (affirmative chime)all righty. - where am i? oh, i'mjust hands? all right, cool. - i have to take another ticket, i guess.

- (boss) all righty. - okay.- (boss) let's get to business. here's your first customer.- oh shoot. hi. welcome to slush-e mart. - oh wait, these peoplearen't actual people. - they're all robots.this is, uh, shocking. - you better not do anything bad. hey.- (customer) afternoon, human. i would like to purchase these...(deep voice) chips.

- oh yeah, man. - all righty. i didn't know robotsate chips, but let's go. - okay, scan it, and then bag it. - (customer) can i also getone of those meat cylinders please? - wait, what? - (boss) hot dogs are in the freezer.- oh, hot dogs. - (boss) make sure you heatthem up at least a little bit. - got to get these meat cylinders,as this person would call. come back here.

- awesome. this is so fun. - we gotta get buns, which would-- ugh. where would the buns be? - oh, ha-ha. got it. open up. oh no! - (customer) mm, that looks...(deep voice) acceptable. - okay, cool. - (customer) ...scan thatso i can get eating already. thanks a bunch.- all right.

- there you go. 3.98.- (customer) all right. here's your paper currency.- thanks. - (boss) don't forgetto hand over the change. - oh, that's right. (affirmative chime)- (customer) many thanks! - dude, this is so cool! i'm loving this. - the fact that they change voiceskinda freaks me out a little. i feel like the robotsare gonna turn on me. that's why i don't trust this.

- let's get another ticket. - (boss) it was importantfor stores like this to maintain a constant stream of customers so the cashiers wouldn't have... - new customer. - (boss) ...contemplate theirrapidly approaching obsolescence. - oh my god, this is so existential. - (customer) well, hello.- oh, hi, fancy man. let's scan these items.

- (customer) will you kindlyput those in a bag for me? - (testily) that's whati'm doing right now. - (customer) i'll take one of thosefrozen slush-e delights. - frozen slush-es. - oh, wow! whoa. okay, so slush-e. want a blue one? - battery acid blueand thermal paste pink. - (customer) would youkindly jumbo-size that?

- you want me to jumbo-size itafter i just made it? take your slush-e back. oh! wait, i was supposedto put it on that. oh, my bad, dude. - "jumbo-size it."what do you mean, jumbo-- oh. i got you, fam. (device whirs) - (customer) oh,i love the taste of sugar! - then you also love diabetes. - that is gonna be america in the future.(scanner beeps)

- (customer) oh, you'revery good at scanning. now, would you pass that to me. (register dings) and here's some bank notes for you.keep the change, good human. - aw, thanks, man. i need it. - all right. this is actually so fun. i would honestly play thisby myself, like, forever. - (customer) so i'm like,"yeah, brah, it's a buyer's market." they're looking at melike i'm crazy, you know?

and-- wha-- what are you talk--no, no, i'm talking to you. no, you.- hello. - (customer) yeah, you.- i hate when people talk on the phone when i'm trying to serve you. - (customer) you. yeah, you.- me? - (customer) you got that hot dog already? - um, yeah.- (customer) yeah, uh-huh. uh-huh. uh-huh. - i don't know who he's talking to, but i might have to fight him.

- this guy's treating melike i'm an inferior. but he wants me to make him a hot dog. you know what? that's fine. let me give him these nasty hot dogsthat are on the ground. - (customer) hot dog.no, i was talking-- not you. - where's the bag?- (customer) no. not you. the human.- take your hot dog, man. - (customer) i want some gum. no, not you. - okay. are you on the phone or what--

- (customer) i want to buysome gum already. - yes.- (customer) what is this, your first job?- actually, yes, it is. - he wanted gum,but i don't see where that's at. oh, ha-ha, these. you want these. did i get it? (gasps) it's on the floor. got it. (scanner beeps)

um, i'll put it in here.what else do you want? - (customer) wow. took you long enough. - (scoffs)- (customer) no, not you. the other-- - you are so rude! - what else do you want? - shush.- (customer) not you. the other-- - boy.- (customer) forget it. you won't be quiet withthose little glasses of yours, thinking that you're all cool.

- people shouldnot be talking on the phone when they order things.i will now appreciate this more. - give me my money.- (customer) ...how to listen. am i right? - yeah, yeah, get outta here. - (customer) you. no.i'm talking to you, bro. (bloop) - dude, there's some pushypeople in the world, man. now i understandwhy people hate these jobs. - oh, no, no, no, no, no.

oh. - (robber) nyah. see?today's not your lucky day, pal. open that safe, and give me all your... - all right, all right. all right, man. - how am i-- why am isupposed to feel threatened? this guy's shooting me with a banana. - that's a banana. - (robber) hyah! luckilythat was my fake banana. - what? oh! i just ate it?

- (robber) open that safe,and give me all your cheddar. - uh. - oh my god, it's actual cheese. - oh, it's a pun. you're still dumb. you're trying to roba store with a banana. that's never gonna work. - this guy wants three pieces of cheese. i don't understand whyyou would even waste your time stealing cheese.

- he actually wantsjust three pieces of cheese? - (robber) nyah.- aah. aah. i forgot i'm not actually in the store,and i have to balance. - it's a banana. i'm not that intimidated. but i feel like i'm justdoing this for the game. - (robber) ...more of thatsweet, sweet cheddar. i'm gonna buy a new pair of shoes.- here. take the cheddar. (affirmative chime)- (robber) later, chump! you'll never catch me!

(siren wails)- whatever, dude. your lo-- did he just get caught? (siren wails)- cops got him. - what? oh my god. is this like when kidstry to sneak into movies, and they wear the huge coats? - bro, you're not an adult.adults don't wear this. - (child) i'm an adult robot. - bunch of little kids?

- (child) ...purchase some fireworks. - this is like the classickid prank or whatever to try to get--- (boss) ...seems a little bit strange. - yeah, i can see them.- (boss) ...check their id. - (child) we-- i mean,i got that right here. - this is very suspicious. okay.- (boss) check it out with your universalscanning device, human. - oh. - "adult bot. age: old enough.id: totally legit.

expired: never." i mean,this seems cool to me, so. - whatever, dude. (scanner beeps)your thing. - (boss) well, the technologyis never wrong. i guess you can give them their fireworks.- real. got it. - oh god, it's--(scanner beeps) what do i-- take it.- (child) shut up. - (child) all right. - (child) oh no! let's book it!- but you need to pay.

- (child) i can't go back to jail! - go back to jail? you're like six! - i like the effort that they put into it. they should've justgotten their fireworks. - (cop) good evening...- cops. whoa. - (cop) i understandyou were held at banana-point earlier this evening.- that is very true. i was robbed. - (cop) ...the suspects. we just need you to point out who did it.

- of course.- (cop) who took your cheddar? here are the three suspects.just hand me the one who did it. - it's the one who looks like a bad guy. he's dressed in a bandanna.of course it's him. - this is it. (affirmative chime)- (cop) oh, bandit bot. when will you learn?- his name is bandit bot? - (bandit bot) can't prove anything! i'll get you!

- how was that not likea "case closed" situation? - oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.- (cop) ...simple for you. - look who it is. - (cop) just hand me the one who did it. - 'cause now i can pointand blame it on this guy, who was being super disrespectful.you're good, dude. you stole three piecesof cheese. it's all right. the respect is earned, sir. there you go. - (cop) this is the bot who did it?- yeah, that's right.

- (cop) well, let's go, bots.- take this guy off. - (customer) yeah, brah. so i'm going to an areawith, like, bad reception. - wait, what? he just got away with it. oh, wait. no, he didn't. ah. - (boss) looks likeyou're getting the hang of this clerk job, kid.- yes, i am. - (fbe) that's it for today!- woo!! i got that mean robot out.that was my goal.

- what? no, i loved this though! - loved it, loved it, and loved it. forget i ever bought an xbox one.forget about playstation. this is the next future consoleif it goes down to like $200. - it literally feels likeyou're in a convenience store trying to sell, gettingrobbed at banana-point. - i love it, 'cause i feel likeit's every kid's dream to be like, "well, i wish i couldlive in that video game." and here you really can.

- thanks for watchingthis episode of gaming on the react channel. - thumbs up for more vr gaming.please, thumbs up. i really like this. - bye, guys. i really wishreal jobs were this fun. - hey, guys. i'm megan,a producer on the react channel. thanks for watching our teenstry out their first job. this actually is my job, so please make it easier by subscribing.