Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

new all vacancy 2016

new all vacancy 2016
our team is the elite of the elite. we're the heart and soul of this very beach. we protect when other people don't wanna protect. and we go above and beyond. help me! help! - if you want me, you can have me.- some other time. *scream* we're starring into the abyss here. city council has already cut our funding.

it's up to us to restore the baywatch brand. i'm mat broody. ready for duty. you just ah... looked at my boobs? i... you should look to my face! i'm trying... - but it's so close to your boobs. - ha. this is the guy you think it's a good pr opportunity for us?

Obat patah tulang do some shots! he's reckless! move! move! move! with two gold medals! how many gold medals do you have? probably zero! we got a dead body on our beach. that's not our job. my gut says there's a bad shit going on over there and my balls say we need to check it out.

my balls say it's just take it easy right here. why do your balls sound like a three year old girl's? i don't know, man. that's just how they talk. but they're wise! welcome to baywatch. why're you grabbing me so tight? why does she always look like she is running in slow-mo? you see it too? you turn the canals into the damn x-games.

Obat patah tulang yeah, that's because we were in lifeguard pursuits. there's no such thing as lifeguard pursuit. how do i explain this so that you people understand. you people? you people?!! oh, you don't get to say that. you're just tan. - right on. - come on, brother.