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opening jobs 2016

opening jobs 2016

calling los lunas home. it means jobs but as news 13's soyoung kim reports residents are worried about just how much water they're going to use. niagara bottling is calling new mexico home.

ralph l. mims, village of los lunas, 19:06 - 08 "this is exciting for largest vacant building in town. ralph l. mims, 13: 38 - 41 "they are taking over 166,000 sq. ft of the merrilat building." the

village says this means new jobs for its residents. the company is looking to hire about 40 people. derieth l. sutton, niagara bottling, 27:15-18 "we are hiring for production roles."

ralph l. mims, 14:27 - 31 "the pay rate starts at $23/hour, which is excellent for new mexico." but some residents say they're concerned about how much water the company will be using. according to

the u-s-g-s the average person uses about 90 gallons of water... 1:48 - nats toilet flushing .... per day. multiply that by the population of the village ralph, 16:24 "los lunas

has 16,000 people." residents of los lunas roughly use 1.4 million gallons a day. the company's average plant uses derieth l. sutton, 34:10 - 15 "i would say on average from

250,000-300,000 gallons of water per day." so in comparison that would be a fifth of los lunas's daily water consumption. ralph, 17:11 - 14 "it's city water." niagara also says they have one

of the most efficient technologies in the industry. derieth, 33:21 -25 "on average, any where from 80 to 90 percent of what we draw goes into a bottle." and very little product is 100 percent

recyclable." both the village and niagara say they hope this is the start of a successful partnership. ralph, 18:25 - 29 "hopefully they will take over the full building and create more

jobs." soyoung kim. krqe news 13. niagara bottling is a california-based company. and has 25 other manufacturing plants around the country.