Senin, 27 Maret 2017

recent govt job vacancy

recent govt job vacancy

i'm so stoked for our presentation to the executive this afternoon. it's been a massive challenge but definitely looking forward to it. hey guys i'm just heading downstairs for my paleo, pear and banana bread, would you like to join me? no thanks, that's a little bit fancy for me - i'm actually off to an aboriginal and torres strait islander staff network meeting. okay then, see you.

so how are you finding the program? it's pretty great, to be honest. i been here less than a year and i never thought that i'd be working on a project supporting the modernisation program across government. awesome. i'm working on the project is property and construction. hey are you going to the young leaders network dinner tonight?

yeah, wouldn't miss it - the last one was great. hey caire. hi david. i had a look at your report yesterday, great stuff. thanks. we're all really looking forward to the grad presentation this arvo. thanks david, no pressure or anything. hey rina, i got this for you. ah, thanks david. hey this year's grads are real game changers, i've heard some fantastic reports about their work.

they've certainly hit the ground running. well, actually, i have to say sprinting. i've got two graduates working on projects in my devision and they've just had such a great impact on the team. terrific. it's really great that we can talk to executives like that. yeah, totally. hi eddie. hi guys. i feel really good about my part of the presentation with the executive this afternoon.

there was heaps of good stuff on e-learning, which really helped me. hey buddy. sorry, i gotta do that every time. it's because we're in the buddy program. have you have a run-through of all the other grads? yeah, we had one yesterday at lunchtime. tom couldn't make it so we just skyped him in. but it all seems to be coming together now. great, can't wait to hear all about it.

good luck buddy. see ya. hi guys. hi teena. so you're finalising your presentation? yep, nearly there. looking forward to it. me too. hey dane, you mentor jenna don't you? i do, yes. i think her capabilities would be a really good match with budget serge team, can you suss her out and see if she's interested? sure, i'm actually seeing her this afternoon

so i'll definitely run it past her. right, thanks. see ya. hey jenna, i just had a quick chat to tina and she asked me if you would be interested in joining the budget serge team. what do you think? oh yeah, that would be brilliant. good afternoon everyone, it's great to see you all this afternoon. we've had lots of positive about your work across the different projects. from my first look

i can see that you've built many of the skills that i know will stand you in good stead for future opportunities, whether here in finance or elsewhere in the aps. many of the ideas you come up with are real game changers. with that in mind we, the board are looking forward to seeing your detailed presentations.