Jumat, 24 Maret 2017

procurement jobs in kenya

procurement jobs in kenya

- seriously, in my mind, i'm like, surelyit's not porsha. like, this bitchright here know she get more than a little bit. - phaedra was sweating bullets. - i didn't like how it turned into, "i haven't done morethan what you've done." - yeah, what was all of that? she was like, "i haven'tdone no more than you."

and i'm like, "well, tell me what i done girl, cause you don't know nothing about me." - i mean, she's definitelyhooked up with women definitely. if she gets drink, she becomes an aggressive lesbian. - right.- uh-uh, not aggressive. - like, seriously. - you don't know none of my business, but i know yours. - right. - and now you gonna force me to put that on the table.

i don't want to be forced into these. it's like i get snowballed intomessier and messier and messier. i know a la-la-la-lot about ms. burruss. so i hope that this misunderstanding stays here in the woods and doesn't follow us back to the city. because if it goes any deeper, i may be forced to open my mouth. - until you're ready to speak your truth

and be true to who you are, don't do it, boo, don't do it. i don't want to put porsha's business out there. but it feels like she's trying to put mine out there, so girl, you opened up a can of worms. i want to say for the record,i know it's going to get worse.