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new jobs in kenya

new jobs in kenya

- on this episode, i'm very serious, in my new office! (hip hop music) you ask questions, and i answer them. this is the #askgaryvee show - hey everybody, this is gary vay-ner-chuk

and this is episode 220 of the #askgaryvee show. this will be a trivia question one day. which episode was the first episode in our new headquarters? and you know what, we don't edit that often, but like, let's get some b-roll from somebody, staphon,

even if it's like, socialmedia or phone b-roll, why don't you chop up a little bit here. (slow, modern music) - show people a littlebit around the office. sure, i'll make a dailyvee. how many dailyvee... we're only one dailyvee behind, right? you're editing one? you're editing 57?

- [drock] no, tyler is. - fine. whoever, we, i don't mean you... this is not... 57 is being edited? - [drock] yeah. - so this will be 58. - [drock] yes. - will be the new office, got it, okay. india, what are your opening remarks?

to our new office? - it's fucking amazing... - wow... - it's beautiful. - india cursed. then you know it's awesome. it's really amazing. drock, you can show alittle bit real quick? i don't know how it's gonna...

right into the light,i don't know how... oh, sorry, you're fancy. (laughter) - [gary] overcast helps? got it. i see the garden, which is exciting. it looks like there's a new show. it's really exciting. it's been a great day.

it seems all thevayner-peeps are very happy. it makes me very happy. people are like, are you overwhelmed? are you happy?truth is, i'm not. you know, not to be cool, 'cause that's not where it's coming from. i don't celebrate things, as you guys know. i don't see this as woo woo.

i'm pumped for everybody though. people have space. people are not sitting in closets. the cafeteria or the kitchen is insane. people got a proper breakfast, sat down... - [india] the seltzer machine. - yeah, the seltzer machine is crazy. - [india] i'm freaking out.

- you love it, right? - [india] so, yeah. - yeah, so there's a lot of fun stuff on this floor and a half. a lot of people, i love that people arewalking by me quite a bit i get to see a lot more people. vine, looking good. let's go, good day, super pumped.

i'm kinda zenned out. actually my energy's lower. 'cause i'm like, focused on it. like, getting everything right. but i'm excited about the show. doing a double header today. 'cause we have luis, from million dollar listings, coming in a little it.

i saw fredrick and he said, i gotta be on as well. so we'll see him later. but i didn't want the first episode back to be a guest. i want it to be a pure episode. and so india, this doesn't roll. - we need a rolly chair for this office.

- are you ready? - i'm ready. - to get into the... - [both] shooooooooow! - hmmm... mmmm, mmmm... you killed it. i love it. look at this pele sign. why do we have a pele signed,

just like flapping around. we need to get this framed. - [india] we need to do, you know like, how people do room tours on youtube? - alex, had a great idea that i could hang the jerseys from the rafters, like they're retired. so, alright, i'm ready india.

i'm ready. - [india] from brodan... - brodan? - [india] yeah, youemailed me his question and you wanted to answer it. - okay. - [voiceover] brodan asks,"being a brand new youtube "channel, what do you suggestpeople do in order to accumulate "more subscribers and views?anything absolutely necessary

"or does it all just come down to patience?" - i wanted to answer this because i thought this would bring a lot of people value. there's so many of you, that hear patience. and then you just think, okay, i'm just gonna continue to make shows and content,

and you're gonna wake up four years later, going from 85 subscribers to 219. and i don't wanna be on the hook for wasting your time. you have to understand, and i talk about this a lot, and you guys hear itfrom me a lot actually. a lot of the homies thatare sitting out there, distribution.

distribution is the game. so what do you do when you have 85 people following your channel? or 200 or even 2,000, or even 20,000, or even 200,000, is you need to understand that you need to keep hustlingfor your awareness. of course, and just soeverybody knows this, of course your show has to be good.

you have to continue tomake your craft strong, you have to continue to be interesting, you have to continue to bring value and produce good content. but, you need people to know about it. and so i think one reasoni've always done well is i understood that. and so one of the great ways to do that is collaborations.

i think if you've got a youtube channel, you need to basically reach out to, i don't know, the other 7,000 people, that are in your genre. and reach out to them, and see if you canbring them value, right? hars, you love ufc, you decided to start a channel. you need to reach tothe 40,000 ufc channels

and be like, hey, i'm in the network, so i go to gyms, i could get you original content, can you put me on your show, to bring me value for my show? when you have 44 viewers, you can't offer somebodywho has 400,000 viewers, let's trade, you'll be on my show, i'll be on your show.

you'll get laughed out of the room, and people do that. that's not the way you're gonna win, that's not 51-49. what you can offer is something in return. what you can offer is access, because you're in those gyms, with original content. so maybe you can be doing

on location interviewing, for that big ufc thing. and then, you know, andthen for yourself too. and then that person puts you on. you could offer money, if you've got it. that's fine. i mean, whatever it is,so it's about distribution. so collaboration with other youtube shows for sure, social media through and through,

creating enormous amounts of content. spending even moretime paying attention to how people are building organic followings on instagram. and hashtag culture really works. for the people that are really patient. and i ebb and flow with my hashtag work, dunk, you do a good job with me on musical.ly.

you're like this is the one that works. just, i would even argue that i'm being lazy with my hashtag work in instagram, for sure. but for a lot of you, you have to go down that route. it really, really, really works. and then reverse engineering, content creation, let me explain.

as we speak right now, i have a video going viral. it's called august. i made it so we couldrun it on august 1st. producing content thatyou know has a chance of going somewhere, basedon when you make it. a monday morning rant that you post on monday morning. making relevant content

to what's going on in the world, either in pop culture. you know, your thoughtson what miley cyrus did on wrecking ball. or the kanye and taylor swift, kim and kanye, taylor swift fight. or the olympics starting. making content that's relevant, that gives it a little bit of legs

for shareability is very important, from the content creation. look, there's only two things, the content and distribution. and so whether it'sbecoming a part of forums around ufc, i keep using yours. become a member of forums. become a member of facebook groups. most of you are not hustling distribution.

you're focusing on the content, and you think magically, if you keep patient, and you keep doing it, something's gonna happen. nothing's gonna happen. for four of you, all time. for four of you here,something's gonna happen. that little motivational kid, right?

the jamaican trainer kid, that went viral over the weekend, somebody clearly posted that video and it started the process. it's great content. like, that's clearlycontent that's got a shot. but he's putting outcontent for a little while. this is not his first rodeo. and so yes, it happens, right?

yes, it happens. but it's far more interesting for you to take control of your distribution through collaborations, through proper hashtag distribution on the instagram world, from reaching out, biz dev-ing.reaching out. being a part of forums, and other internet communities

like facebook groups, to become part of that community, so when you put out stuff, people wanna support you. i would tell you, with wine library tv, i spent 20 minutes making the video, and i spent five hourscreating the distribution. a day.

that's a great way to end that. that's the answer. - [india] that's good. good article. - thank you. - [india] from shauna.- okay. - hey gary, congratulations on two years of a successful show, i just love it,

i watch it all the time and i get all sorts ofgreat advice from you. my name is shauna, i'm from hasteandhustle.com and i just wanted to askyou a quick question. my question is when you're at the beginning of your business, or i guess at any time of your business, how do you know how muchrisk is too much risk?

and when to kinda pull back? thanks again. - no worries, thank you. shauna, i got a reallygood answer for this. i believe that risk is avery interesting thing. and i've got a pretty good career with it and i will tell you here'swhat mine looks like. i risk as much as i'mwilling to completely lose. and i push it as far as possible.

and that's always my model. that if all goes to zero on this move, can i still be breathing and stay alive? anything that wouldput me out of business, put me out of business! and people do that, theyborrow too much money, they dilute themselves in the company, that could make them losecontrol from the board. anything that would put me at risk,

i stay away from. so, the punch line is very simply, i'm willing to lose every penny, other than the first penny that i need to breathe. all of it. you know, we do things here all the time, vayner, where i invest and buy things, buy companies, buy, acuhire people.

and the number's always gotta be, if it goes to dead zero, will i still be aliveto fight another day. but i take it right to that edge. and really not like,to the penny, probably to the million dollars. a hundred million dollar business, the one... you know, justsome little nest egg. but i think, i'm stunned by people

that take risks thatactually puts them out. floyd mayweather doesn't take any risks like that as a boxer. that's why he's undefeated. yeah. - [india] from sean.- sean. - what's up gary? this is sean from denver here at the top of mt. evans,

14,000 foot plus mountain here. i got a question for you here about breaking in new accounts. what's your recommendation? do you recommend starting high and then going low? or low and then going high? does it depend on the size of the account, small or large?

would love your advice and insight, thanks so much. - i always think it's alot easier to go lower, than it is to go higher. so, if, again, if you needed an account more than anything inthe world to stay alive, you go in low. you what you have to do to stay alive. but if you have the luxury of

i don't need this thousand bucks, but i want this client, i wanna grow, but i don't need. want and need are twovery different things, then i would go higher. you can always go down, you can never go up. hey, i want $3,000 a month for this. great.

no actually, $5,000. not so easy. hey i want $30,000 a month for this. neh... alright, $2500. so, to me, it's just always better to go higher. or what i tend to do, to be very frank with you, which is an interesting negotiating move,

i tend to go the number. i tend to go, it's... with vayner, when we started. it's $5,000 a month. and people are like, i don't wanna pay, you wanna go $4,000? because people maybethought i was going higher. and i said no. it was a very important thing

to have that leverageto not negotiate down. and so, we've walked away from things, we didn't do things. which sucked, at times. but it definitely created a reputation in the marketplace that i wasn't overevaluating stuff. and it was the number. so to me, it's higher or the number.

you know when i do (beep) trades, i go higher. actually, cut that part, i don't want the guys. let's move forward. - [india] from erik... - erik! - [voiceover] erik asks,"when looking for a new job,

do you think it's a bad idea togive your boss a heads up before receiving job offers so they can prepare for your departure? - i think that's every single person. you know, that's a tough question. a very smart question. to me, i wouldn't tell them. i just think it's asurvival of the fittest kind of thing. like if you think it's a vulnerability

that you're notgonna be able to find. like i just don't, that to me that'sthe risk thing. i just wouldn't do that, because if they reacted poorly, even after five years,thank you very much. thank you, that's very nice. thanks tyler, it made it! you know, i,

i wouldn't do that because that could get you to zero, and i, you know, don't forget, they fire you on the spot, then you start taking a job that you don't necessarily want just to pay. and now you're in a two year cycle of having crappy jobs. like it could turn into a whirlwind.

now, if your moral compassis going off inside, like crazy and you can't sleep at night, then do you. like, i just think everybody's different. to me, doing the right thing is always the right thing and if for you that's the right thing, then that's fine. but make sure that'sthe right thing for you,

not the way your mom sees the world, or your friends or anybody else. that has to be your decision. and if you're okay with the consequences, i'm okay with the consequences of speaking the way i speak. meaning, i leave lots of money on the table for cursing. i'm okay with that.

you have to be okay with the consequences. i hate people that are ideological, and then when they haveto face the consequences, they regret. you know, it's the right thing. what's the name? - [india] erik. - erik, it's the right thing to do sounds good on paper.

if it's truly the rightthing to do for you, then great, then do it. but, if it's not, and then you get fired, and then you don't have another job, and who what? you showed a couple of people, "you're a good guy?" like, i think a lot of people front. - [india] interesting.- yeah.

- [india] that's actually not what i expected. - you expect me to say, yeah say it? - [india] yeah. - it's easy for me to say, though. right? by the way,i wouldn't do it, india. and people don't do it here all the time. like, i know two people right now that are actively on the way of going out.

and i don't, i'm notmad at them, i get it. like, you know... i'm notpaying their mortgage. i'm not feeding their family. you know business is, businesses fire. like, you know, right? so, i don't know, i get it. but i'm giving the real answer here. i think that everybody's different. but i definitely wouldnot tell my boss.

i would work on it, get the job, and then i would go. that's why i'm not a hypocrite. i never get mad when people do that here. i understand, you know.- [india] yeah. - it's scary. you know how many people are living in this crazy, big, city, that we can now see.

it's expensive, and they're on their own, and they're parents couldn't help them, and you know, like, that's scary. and then what i really get sad is, people have done that here, people have quit, without having a job, not for that reason, but for different reasons. and then they go into a crappy job,

'cause they're just scared, they've held off for a couple months, but now they get really scared, and they take anything. and then they're like, two years step back, you know? alright... - [india] last one. - yeah. - [india] kevin.

- kevin. - hi, what's up garyvee? kevin widdop at kwiddopia on twitter here. at the masai mara, kenya's world famous safari destination. here a lion. my question this week is, in a market such as this, even here, everybody has a smartphone.

huge smartphone penetration, twins with very early stage social media development and promotion. what type of contentdriven online business would you advise to set up? thanks very much. - i don't know the marketin africa and asia, as well as i do the rest of the world but, i'm very aware of the phone penetration,

payment through phones, lack of... did you see that? that was amazing... something just dripped. - [drock and staphon]oh, the pipe. from my pipe... that's amazing. that was so cool. did you know about that?

are they gonna fix it? eventually. i would say that, i would reverse engineer the audience. so, what i would do, is would spend monthsin the africa market, figure out what people wanna buy, and i would start an online business that worked in the u.s. or europe,

that's around psychology. not just because itwas the u.s. or europe. certain things are tried and true human. certain things are contextual to the neighborhood, the country, the cadence, the pulse, the slang of a marketplace. i would use my best of ability of understanding what's human,

what's innately human. e-commerce, you know, buying stuff, water needs, whatever it may be. whatever the market's interested in, and try to build around that. to me, it's understanding the users, with those phones, what they're doing. i would look at what they're doing now.

whether it's gaming or music downloading, or things of that nature. and then try to project, what needs do they have that they're doing in a traditional way, that the phone could solve. and i would look at theprogressive phone markets in asia and the u.s., to see where they're twoor three years ahead.

i think a lot of people have looked at the u.s. market and have tried to replicate that in their market. and some have been very successful and some have not. and i think some things are inherently u.s. centric, and i think some things are human-centric, and that's what you need to decode.

and i think i've done well with that, in social networks. something are just human based like, if you get big enough group of people, they'll drag other people into it. snapchat, that's why those are easyfor me to predict. great, very serious show. i wonder if i'm gonna be serious

when it's cloudy like today. i wonder if the weather's gonna dictate. that would be a funny data point. - [india] i bet it will. yeah.question of the day. what should we ask, whatquestion should we ask? india, you ask the question of the day. - question of the day: do you think the weather

is going to affect gary's mood? oh, but we're entering jets season. - oh, the jets season is coming. you keep asking questions, i'll keep answering them.