Rabu, 22 Maret 2017

ngo jobs in nairobi

ngo jobs in nairobi

we’re guessing you didn’t sign up for your job because you thought it was going to be easy. in fact, we’re guessing you may be doing the hardest job on the planet. your job is to change the world. and when everything just works, when everything clicks, those moments are priceless. it is why you do what you do. but when problems with technology get in the way

and make your job harder when it is supposed to make it easier, those moments are disheartening. at techsoup global, we get it. for more than 25 years we have been helpingmake it easier for you to do your job, making it easier for you to change the world, because technology should make it easier to have more moments like this, and this, and this. to best support your important work, our global network of ngos

and corporate foundation partners continues to grow. from san francisco to sã£o paulo, from mexico city to moscow, london to bangalore, nairobi to new orleans, techsoup global and its partners are scaling our work across the globe, coming together as never before to more quickly advance your mission. if we haven’t met, we should. our mission is to make your job a little easier.

techsoup global, we help you change the world faster.