Senin, 20 Maret 2017

new vacancy 2016

new vacancy 2016

i am william davis, and that's jillian, she's great. this is my crew and tomorrow it's our turn to take over the world. "have a nice day boys!" "will tells me that you are about to start at johnson and johnson?" "will is finally going to be paid at la weekly, yes!" reporting for duty. "we don't have a job for you." "what do you mean?" "i mean we don't have a job for you....we've downsized." "i am broke."

"please, i need you to step up." "we've received close to a thousand resumes for the videographer position." "i took a look at your facebook page, nobody wants a birthday spanking from you." [mouths: "i do."] "i can't believe i have to sell my tv..." [women on the phone: 'will you got the job!"] "oh, yo-wait! come back." ["all you have to do is take a drug test."] "drug test, what is it multiple choice?" "heeyy, thats great!" "mr. willheimer, i wanted to thank you for this opportunity..." "well always on the lookout for fresh talent."

"i stepped up big time, and i got great news for us." "i got fired." "what?" "i'm ninety thousand dollars in debt and i spent two hundred and seventy nine dollars on a pair of shoes." "you're gonna get another job." "the moment that i saw you, i knew that you were someone to take seriously." "what am i gonna do for rent?" "hey roomie!" "jillian, can we talk?" "shhh, don't break her concentration!" "ight, jillian, i ne- i need you to step up!" [chorus of boo]

"oh my god." "i'm twenty-two years old and i have no idea what i'm gonna do with the rest of my life, and i am fine with that!" "charlie, got a job today." "oh, mcdonalds or tacobell?" "middle-school chemistry teacher." "sculpting minds." [explosion noise]