Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

recent vacancies

recent vacancies

icers to the job. jim: they've stepped up recruitment big time. the legislature just passed a bill to increase pay for state police but they are still among the lowest paid officers in the state. the maine state police say they

are down thirty positions, new recruits will come out of the recent class from the police academy but that's only about 10 new officers. police agencies saying with all of the police shootings officers have become targets and not surprising fewer people wanting

a career in law enforcement. >> any young person or even any middle aged person looking around the nation would have to ask themselves, do i want to put myself through this? because the pays not good the hours are long and right now there's a feeling that nobody is

in our favor and everyone is against us. >> it's nights and weekends, it's grueling and yosee a lot of bad things. it's low pay and a lot of hard work. the expectations of police officers and corrections

officers and deputies is very high. jim: sheriff reardon says they recently posted for a deputy sheriff position and only had one applicant and that plicant didn't meet the standards so he didn't get the job.